Many business software implementation projects are coordinated using variously formatted documents and other artifacts shared back and forth across teams.


This makes it hard to efficiently manage the process.


RequirementONE’s cloud-based platform leads to better collaboration and reduced risk of project delays and cost over-runs, with consistent and rapid deployment of best practices.


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Feature Benefit
Pre-defined TemplatesModels for best practice approaches can be selected from the Solution Store and customized to make them appropriate for your organization.  Reduce risk of errors. Quick start of your project.
A Single Point of TruthA central online repository stores each requirement as a record. Updates, comments and meta-data are controlled and tracked individually.  No questions about agreed upon scope
A Collaborative PlatformThe multi-user environment allows administrators control over which users have access to which project components.  Data is accessible to global stakeholders with no version control issues, promoting teamwork.
Vendor repliesThe system allows digital sharing of all requirements and predefined response formats at the record level with vendors.  Vendor experts can work in parallel using a structured format which in turn allows for instant analysis of strengths and weaknesses.
Dependency LinkingParent/child or sibling links show critical relationship between tasks, requirements, feedback and issues.  Visualize how changes to one project element impacts others.
TransparencyDocumentation of vendor coverage of requirements  Full visibility into the vendor evaluation process
ReportingIn-line analytics highlight gaps in coverage, traceability of changes and status of implementation efforts  A dashboard to see the progress of projects

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Regardless of the methodology being used, we help teams manage complexities by providing everything in one place: requirements, project plan templates, test plans, error/bug tracking, change management and stakeholder feedback.

Manage specificationsCapture input from both internal and external stakeholders to define features of the new system. Full traceability of any changes to these requirements
Optimize the implementation processTake a best practice approach to creating plans, linking tasks to requirements, assigning tasks, setting dependencies to support data preparation, configuration, testing, installation and end-user training

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"RequirementONE has allowed us to regain control of our requirements, no longer having to struggle with updating our unwieldy word document. I now couldn't imagine living without filters when organising sprints and carrying out acceptance testing. To top it off - seamless integration with our existing Trello workflow. How did we ever manage before!"
-- Luke Kirkpatrick, Product Lead
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