George Brown College Case Study

George Brown College provides modern learning facilities, using state-of-art technology that simulates what students will experience in the working world – RequirementONE is one of these tools.

Helping George Brown College Prepare Students for the Workplace

As students become more focused on career and employment prospects upon graduation, educational institutions must deliver the most relevant content and skills possible.

As part of the Certification Program in Business Analysis, the college felt that an understanding of requirements management and the practical ability with a software solution were essential skills.

The college applied a thorough process to sourcing a new Requirement Management tool -- RequirementONE was selected at the end of the process based on ease of use, contemporary design, and a flexible academic site license.

Would you recommend RequirementONE?

“Yes, I would certainly recommend RequirementONE. For a short answer, I would say it works well and certainly appears to be cost-effective.”

Tyler Krimmel, Program Coordinator & Professor



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Everything thing you need to know about how to use RequirementONE. Quick start guides with step-by-step instructions, solution focused info, and news for our community.

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