Why should I use the Specification App for my projects?

No duplication of work or effort. One version of your requirements the whole team can access. 

Share responsibility. With robust permissions you can assign requirements to the appropriate people.

Manage change accurately. With full audit trails of changes, stay on top of updates to your project.

Functionality and Features

Requirement management
Any methodology supported (Agile, Waterfall, hybrid, Prince2, PMBok(PMI), custom)
Business case tracking
Use case management
Test case management
Change request management
Traceability matrix
Lifecycle management
Store business cases, requirements, use cases and tests as individual records
Define a tree structure to organize data
Define your own custom fields (attributes) for your data
Attach files to data records
Attach post-it notes to records
Automatic change history for all changes
Downloadable report in Word and Excel format
Dynamic search filters (including your custom fields)
Deep linking (copy and paste URL) for data and searches
Dynamic linking (e.g. business cases -> requirements -> tests)
Time stamps for created, update and by whom
Document view of data - looks like Word
Table view of data - looks like Excel
Multiple specifications (business needs, requirements, tests)

“We delivered a successful project and want to continue to use the platform in the future! Our recommendation to clients is that they continue the process of requirements management using the platform as it is very cost effective”

– California Healthcare