Why should I use the Planning App to run my projects?

Reduce time overruns and over spend. With integrated plans, keep control of your projects.

Make better decisions. Centralized information ensures the team is all on the same page.

Timesheets and tasks linked. No need to add new tasks to the timesheets.

Inline reporting. You are never more than one click away from the project report you need.


Functionality and Features

Project planning
Any methodology supported (Agile, Waterfall, hybrid, Prince2, PMBok (PMI), custom)
Time registration
Multiple project plans
Work breakdown structure (WBS) - task hierarchy
Parent and child tasks
Assign user(s) to tasks
Dynamic search filters
Aggregated percentage complete and time spent
Estimates and time remaining
Link tasks to requirements and issues
Add predecessor for a task
Automatic notification by email that you have been assigned a task
Easy to share with deep linking (copy/paste URL) for data and searches
Project milestones

“I used to carry around wads of printouts, shuffling multiple Excel and Word files to ensure regulatory and standards compliance. I moved away from this document-based approach to RequirementONE.”