Why should I use the Issues App to run my projects?

Set it up how you want. Add custom fields to prioritize your outstanding issues.

Link dependencies. Link each issue to the relevant requirement so it can be resolved more quickly.

Deliver the best fix. Access to the original requirement and test cases will yield the optimal solution.

Functionality and Features

Issues, bugs and defect tracking
Any methodology supported
Register individual issues
Organize issues into groups
Define custom fields (attributes) for your issues
Automatic change tracking
Assign issues to users
Automatic notification by email that you have been assigned an issue
Attach files such as screen dumps and error logs to issues
Dynamic search filters (including your custom fields)
Deep linking (copy and paste URL) for data and searches
Dynamic linking to requirements and tasks

"RequirementONE provides visibility into requirements, a full history of work completed and decisions made. It simplifies the management of details, ensures full coverage of business requirements and establishes links from the stakeholders through their requirements and to associated issues."